Letter 7 – Cold Feet 17.01.19

I turn the key and open the door,

The air is cold and damp clings to the walls.

I drop my suitcase on the empty floor,

And sink onto the side of the bed.

Here in the attic, I hear nothing except the raindrops on the window.

Here in the attic, I hear nothing except the ticking of a small clock.

Here in the attic, I hear nothing except my own slow breathing.

I am alone. The attic and I.

Soon, no light shines through the window,

My cold fingers fumble at the duvet.

I climb into the empty bed,

And curl my body up into a ball.

Here in the attic, I close my eyes but don’t sleep.

Here in the attic, I hug my pillow for company.

Here in the attic, a tear falls onto the sheet.

I am alone. The attic and I.


I always find change difficult, and coming back to university after the holidays felt like a big change. The first few days I struggled to sleep, and even after spending hours with my friends, coming into my room felt like entering another world.

I wrote this poem after a few days of struggling to get back into a routine, but can happily look back at it now from a much more comfortable and happier place.

What I wanted to say, is that it’s okay to find things difficult sometimes, but always be positive that things will get better and before long you will find that things are okay again.

Thank you to all my amazing friends who help me feel at home while I’m at university. It took some time, but now I’m glad to be back 🙂

Sophie Xxx

Letter 5 – 06.01.20 On a Monday Morning Walk

Trudging through ice-cream wafer leaves,

Tearing open unsealed envelopes with my feet.

Overhead, the birds communicate

Like whistles in a school sports hall.

The arms of the trees, plucked violin strings,

Quiver with a rush of the indecisive wind.

Glass bullets of dew drop

Into the snaking trenches of abandoned footsteps.

Sunbeams splinter through the wiry branches

And diffuse through mists of fairy breath.

Gazing upwards like a fish through algae-speckled water,

The clouds waltz among the smoke tracks of manmade birds.

Soon the sky will darken, leaving only



And the empty outlines of my shoes.

Just a little poem I wrote a while ago, came to mind when I was walking my dog this morning, hope you like it 🙂

Sophie Xxx