Letter 5 – 06.01.20 On a Monday Morning Walk

Trudging through ice-cream wafer leaves,

Tearing open unsealed envelopes with my feet.

Overhead, the birds communicate

Like whistles in a school sports hall.

The arms of the trees, plucked violin strings,

Quiver with a rush of the indecisive wind.

Glass bullets of dew drop

Into the snaking trenches of abandoned footsteps.

Sunbeams splinter through the wiry branches

And diffuse through mists of fairy breath.

Gazing upwards like a fish through algae-speckled water,

The clouds waltz among the smoke tracks of manmade birds.

Soon the sky will darken, leaving only



And the empty outlines of my shoes.

Just a little poem I wrote a while ago, came to mind when I was walking my dog this morning, hope you like it 🙂

Sophie Xxx

Letter 4 – 04.01.20 New Year, New Chapter

Hi, it’s Sophie and it’s been over a year since I last wrote. 2019 was one crazy year, and in the next few letters I’ll be reminiscing on some of the many many things that happened this year.

2020 has just begun. The decade of my 20s, which is both a scary and exciting thought. I want to keep this letter brief and just lay out my New Year Resolutions, or as my best friend calls them, my guidelines for this year.

1. Experiment with food – those close to me know I’ve never been the most adventurous cook; I used to eat plain pasta with cheese pretty much every day. However this last year, with the help of some uni friends, I began to try some new recipes, mostly vegetarian ones, and I would love to continue exploring more healthy meals this year. Maybe I’ll be MasterChef ready for 2021 😉

2. Go on more runs – the only times anyone would catch me running in the past was for a train or for a cookie, but in November I started going for short runs by the river near my house and my hatred for it has slowly decreased. Running still isn’t my favourite thing, but I feel so amazing after a run that I want to try and run at least a few times every week this year. I’ll definitely do a post to keep you updated!

3. Get some work experience/a job – Now that I only have a year and a half left of my degree I think it’s time to start preparing for… real life!! I’ve applied for editorial work experience at several publishing houses so far but I have realised it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. I’m going to keep trying over the next few months and hopefully will be able to report some good news on the job front before summer! Keeping my finger’s crossed!

4. Stop worrying so much – I have always been the type to worry about everything, even things that haven’t happened and probably never will. Whether it’s about exams, relationships, friendships, the possibility of being eaten by a shark, I worry about it all. So maybe I can try and scale it down a little bit this year, at least maybe not worry about sharks so much in Devon.

And that’s pretty much it, besides all the little ones like ‘eat less chocolate’ and ‘be more productive‘ which are more LIFE resolutions that apply every year. I’m excited to see what lies ahead in 2020, here’s hoping it’s the best yet 🙂

Sophie Xx